ActiveCampaign vs Drip
A Review & Comparison
[Updated 2019]




Who is this software for?

Choose ActiveCampaign if you run a small to medium sized business, for example an online store, that relies on email automation. This software is extremely powerful when creating email campaigns that generate ROI.
Choose Drip if social media integration and automation are your business’ main requirements. This software is suitable for any business such as salons, hotels, healthcare clinics, and single owner blogs.


  • 14-day free trial
  • Good selection of landing page templates
  • Suitable as a CRM
  • 14-day free trial
  • WordPress plugin available
  • Powerful as a CRM


  • No A/B testing
  • Only very basic templates available


500 Contacts


1k Contacts


2.5k Contacts


10k Contacts


25k Contacts


100k Contacts


Full Feature Pricing


Refund Period

30 Days

Free Trial/Demo



Minimum Contract


Lead Scoring



Lead Segmentation



Web Activity Tracking



SMS Marketing



Personalized Web Content



Predictive Analytics



Bi-Directional CRM Syncing



Event Management



Create Invoices



Create Quotes



A/B Split Testing



Form Builder



Landing Page Builder



Create Membership Websites



Bulk Social Media Posting



Sales Reporting



Sales Alerts



Mobile Application



Social CRM




WordPress Integration



Outlook Integration



Gmail Integration



SalesForce Integration



SAP Integration



Oracle Integration



NetSuite Integration



SugarCRM Integration



MicroSoft Dynamics Integration



Zapier Integration



Total # of Integrations


Company Info

HQ Location





ActiveCampaign vs Drip Summary


ActiveCampaign is much more than an email marketing automation tool as it covers a variety of marketing aspects for a business, for example: customer relationship management, sales processes automation and website messaging, etc.

When it comes to email marketing, ActiveCampaign focuses on personalization and segmentation of target groups and in addition to this, it automates many of the mundane tasks within a typical email marketing campaign such as sending emails based on customer’s actions. With ActiveCampaign, triggers can be set up to send automated emails when a customer performs a certain action on a website.

Sales automation is where ActiveCampaign goes a step further and overshadows other marketing automation tools. It saves time on sales by simplifying contact management and automating the lead prioritization processes.

ActiveCampaign offers some of the most robust features for managing a sales funnel; it helps update the location of potential leads and prospects on sales funnels automatically. Additionally, contact records provide every piece of detail needed regarding a customer on an intuitive interface.


Social media integration is one of Drip’s strong suits. There is no doubt that social media is at the forefront of every company’s marketing strategy these days. Drip offers a Facebook integration option that sends relevant emails to customers according to their preferences and actions on your business’ Facebook advertisements.

In addition to this, Drip is a viable automation software tool and companies that do not necessarily link with social media can still use this software purely for its automation features.

Businesses seeking purely email automation solutions should refrain from purchasing this software. Not only will they find its features to be slightly complicated, but it will also be an expensive and unjustified option for them. There are technical aspects to Drip that newbies might find difficult to understand.

Key Differences

The most obvious difference between ActiveCampaign and Drip is the price. It’s evident that Drip has numerous advanced features, however, smaller companies will find it difficult to fit it in their budgets. ActiveCampaign, although simpler and more limited with its features, offers great value for money.

Lack of pre-designed templates for emails and a slightly slow interface are a couple of areas where ActiveCampaign require improvement. Additionally, Drip has the edge over ActiveCampaign in e-commerce automation.

ActiveCampaign Tool Ratings

  • Price: 3.5/5
  • Features: 4/5
  • Customer Support: 4/5
  • Integration: 3.5/5
  • Overall: 4.5/5

Drip Tool Ratings

  • Price: 2.5/5
  • Features: 5/5
  • Customer Support: 4/5
  • Integration: 4/5
  • Overall: 4/5


Despite their difference in features, prices, and functions, the ratings of these two software tools are equal. Choosing one over the other in this case is hard because both of them have their own unique set of features to offer. Choose one that most suits your business needs.

Choose Drip If you run a large-scale business (for example a chain of restaurants) and rely on primarily social media marketing.

Choose ActiveCampaign if you own an eCommerce store with a few thousand visitors a month and your primary focus is email marketing.