ActiveCampaign vs
A Review & Comparison
[Updated 2019]



Who is this software for?

Choose ActiveCampaign if you run a small to medium sized business, for example an online store, that relies on email automation. This software is extremely powerful when creating email campaigns that generate ROI.
Choose Prospect if lead conversion is the main driver of business revenue. Large businesses such as car dealership, hotels, and franchises will benefit from this software the most.


  • 14-day free trial
  • Good selection of landing page templates
  • Suitable as a CRM
  • A/b testing of emails & drip campaigns
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Affordable full feature pricing


  • No A/B testing
  • No free trial offered


500 Contacts


1k Contacts


2.5k Contacts


10k Contacts


25k Contacts


100k Contacts


Full Feature Pricing


Refund Period

30 Days

Free Trial/Demo



Minimum Contract


Lead Scoring


Lead Segmentation


Web Activity Tracking


SMS Marketing



Personalized Web Content


Predictive Analytics



Bi-Directional CRM Syncing



Event Management



Create Invoices



Create Quotes



A/B Split Testing



Form Builder



Landing Page Builder



Create Membership Websites



Bulk Social Media Posting



Sales Reporting



Sales Alerts



Mobile Application



Social CRM




WordPress Integration



Outlook Integration



Gmail Integration



SalesForce Integration



SAP Integration



Oracle Integration



NetSuite Integration



SugarCRM Integration



MicroSoft Dynamics Integration



Zapier Integration



Total # of Integrations


Company Info

HQ Location





ActiveCampaign vs Summary


You will struggle to find an automation software that offers as much value for money as ActiveCampaign does. This software has it all.

It lets you automate your email campaigns while also allowing monitoring of their performance, in addition, you can gauge the activity of prospects on your website helping you decide the direction you should take for your business.

You can also update your prospects regularly with newsletters and business updates for retaining their interest. This is where the power of this automation software really comes into its own.

Although not discussed often, ActiveCampaign’s customer service is very underrated. You can get in touch with customer support at any time of the day for finding solutions to your questions and queries.

ActiveCampaign has a solid user interface that you can operate with ease. It was designed specifically for people who aren’t automation software experts, which is what makes ActiveCampaign the preferred choice for so many small to medium scale businesses.

It also offers a free 2-week trial to allow you to test the functions and features of the software and see if it’s a good fit for your business. The pricing of the packages is remarkably affordable and gives you the option of choosing a plan according to the number of contacts on your list.

A combination of a web app and a browser, is both a sales development and automation software.

As the name implies, lets you monitor the activity and engagement of your prospects and pinpoint leads from all over the internet by using its advanced features.

In addition, you can collect relevant information regarding these leads, filter out irrelevant or unnecessary leads and, of course, market and follow up with them.

You can see the performance of your content on a variety of platforms with the help of the reporting dashboard and by gauging content performance, you can quickly make the necessary adjustments to retain engagement and open rates.

Although the main function of this software is to discover leads, it is also a powerful email automation tool, in that, it is efficient in sending emails and also sending automatic follow-ups to keep customers updated about your business.

Setting up and using is simpler than most software, mainly because it provides its users with a thorough guide and supporting documentation for the various different devices.

Key Differences

Pricing is a major difference between the two software in addition to the aspect of marketing on which they focus.

ActiveCampaign is cheaper, but it is also mainly focused on email automation whereas’s main purpose is to generate leads by tracking prospects. Also, is extremely limited with its starter packages.

Users cannot see campaign reviews or receive technical guidance regarding the features and setup, which could be a major deciding factor for some people when they have to choose between the two.

ActiveCampain Tool Ratings

    • Price: 4/5
    • Features:4 /5
    • Customer Support: 4/5
    • Integration: 3.5/5
    • Overall: 4.5/5 Tool Ratings

    • Price: 3/5
    • Features: 4/5
    • Customer Support: 3/5
    • Integration: 3/5
    • Overall: 3.5/5


ActiveCampaign reigns supreme over Prospect thanks to its features, pricing, and overall benefits. does have some strong features, but they are mainly suited to bigger businesses and tend to lean towards the expensive side.

Choose ActiveCampaign if you are a small business owner with a small budget. This software offers easy usability, which is perfect for startups and bloggers.

Choose Prospect if you own a business that focuses on generating and converting leads quickly e.g. a car dealership. Large sites can also benefit from this software as it has advanced functions that are tailor-made for bigger websites.

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