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The 8 Best Constant Contact Alternatives for Marketing Automation

Founded in 1995 as a bulk email provider, Constant Contact has spent the last quarter-century growing into one of the most sophisticated and dominant email marketing platforms, with the stated aim of empowering small businesses to advertise on the same scale that major corporations do. As email marketing has evolved, from simple bulk blasts to


The 7 Best MailChimp Alternatives For Successful Email marketing & Automation

Whether it’s thanks to being first to the game, getting the market saturated, or its ad campaigns (such as their now-famous podcast blitz), MailChimp is the leading light of email marketing. Since popularity has a way of screening both good and bad points, it’s doubly important to evaluate their service on its own merits. Why

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The Top 7 Free cPanel Alternatives – Control Your Server Your Way

Every web hosting service needs to include some kind of advanced control panel — a platform from which users with more complicated web design needs can access manage the files, images, security, and other deeply technical aspects of website ownership. If you ever plan to move on from shared hosting and gain the extra control

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10 Best Email Marketing Software & Automation Tools

Since you’re here I’m going to assume you already know what email marketing is and why it’s important. I’m also going to assume you have a business, a blog or online/offline venture and you need a way to automate your marketing to gain more customers, sales and ultimately grow revenue. With that out of the


A Complete Constant Contact Review [MUST READ]

Constant Contact is an email marketing service available online via subscription. That description hardly does it justice, though–it’s like calling Google “a search engine,” or Disney “a film studio”. Calling Constant Contact “just a marketing service” misses a lot of layers. For example, it’s important to note that they’ve been around since 1995, a year