Case Study – How I Made $400 With Facebook Ads In One Week

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UPDATE – Since this case study, Facebook has placed restrictions on age targeting due to this tactic becoming very popular. Whilst the exact targeting may no longer work, the lessons you will learn in this case study still apply and making good money with TeeSpring is still very much possible. I know a few guys doing 4-5 figures per month.

Before you get started, did you know you can use THIS LINK to earn an additional $1 per t-shirt sold?

Today I have decided to reveal a little case study I conducted to prove that anyone can make money with Facebook ads, with little to no experience and minimal upfront costs.

This was not one of my usual niche site ideas, however, it did have lots promise and would be quick and easy to set up and test the market.

In a little over 7-days, I made over $400 profit, with zero experience and low upfront costs. This case study and the resources I provide will allow you to take this method and you too can make over $1,600 /month.


The Project

As with everything on Cloud Income, lets jump right into the good stuff.

The site I used to make my profit was

TeeSpring Header

For those of you new to TeeSpring, essentially it allows you to design t-shirts (for free) that you can then promote and sell. These t-shirts are not printed until you hit a sales goal.

This beauty of TeeSpring’s business plan is in its simplicity. They have taken a proven model, selling t-shirts, and mixed that with the Groupon model of group buying.

You are asked to choose a minimum number of tee’s you will sell before they go to print. The trick is choosing a volume that is high to make a nice return on investment (the higher you set the sales target, the cheaper your price per tee = more profit) but also setting the actual sales price per t-shirt, to a price you think people will pay.

Later in this study, I will explain how you can hit the sweet spot with your campaign.

Here are the results from my campaign which ended on the 14th of April. (I told you this was fresh!)

TeeSpring Payout