HubSpot vs
A Review & Comparison
[Updated 2019]



Who is this software for?

Choose Hubspot if your business requires a powerful ‘all-round’ marketing tool. Manufacturers and retail business owners will love this tool for the easy of use and marketing efficiency.
Choose Prospect if lead conversion is the main driver of business revenue. Large businesses such as car dealership, hotels, and franchises will benefit from this software the most.


  • Forever free’ limited version available
  • Powerful CRM tool
  • A/B testing & reporting
  • A/b testing of emails & drip campaigns
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Affordable full feature pricing


  • One of the higher priced tools on the market
  • No free trial offered


500 Contacts


1k Contacts


2.5k Contacts


10k Contacts


25k Contacts


100k Contacts


Full Feature Pricing


Refund Period

30 Days

Free Trial/Demo



Minimum Contract


Lead Scoring


Lead Segmentation


Web Activity Tracking


SMS Marketing



Personalized Web Content


Predictive Analytics


Bi-Directional CRM Syncing



Event Management



Create Invoices



Create Quotes



A/B Split Testing



Form Builder



Landing Page Builder



Create Membership Websites



Bulk Social Media Posting



Sales Reporting



Sales Alerts



Mobile Application



Social CRM




WordPress Integration


Outlook Integration



Gmail Integration



SalesForce Integration



SAP Integration



Oracle Integration



NetSuite Integration



SugarCRM Integration



MicroSoft Dynamics Integration



Zapier Integration



Total # of Integrations


Company Info

HQ Location





HubSpot vs Summary


Business progress without marketing automation can be quite a struggle for most businesses and most entrepreneurs who try their luck without automation often fail. This happens because the competition is very strong and nearly every competitor uses some automation software to generate their revenue.

Thousands of entrepreneurs rely on HubSpot as their automation software and people may ask ‘why HubSpot when there are so many others out there?’ Well, this software combines all of the best marketing automation features like CRM, split testing, landing pages forms, email automation and lead generation, amongst many others in a single place.

HubSpot’s user interface and functions are user-friendly, you could say that it was specifically designed for people who do not have much knowledge about marketing automation.

You can create social media campaigns through HubSpot and it helps you follow up with customers based on their actions on your website or blog. Businesses have claimed to gain success in lead conversion due to this feature. Judging campaign performance is also possible in this software by using its split testing feature.

In summary, HubSpot is a complete marketing automation software that isn’t too expensive and offers good value for your money. is an automation, sales and development software. It is a mixture of a browser and a web application, which is what makes it stand out.

Monitoring the engagement and activity of business prospects is what does best and it helps users hunt leads and also helps to convert them. This software also helps filter out unnecessary or irrelevant leads and you can even find accurate information about the leads.

This feature comes in handy when are following up with your prospects. is a good software for prospect conversion and customer retention.

This software also lets you track content performance on several platforms and you can make adjustments to your campaign because of this helpful feature. Despite its strong suit being lead discovery, is also good as an automation tool.

You can send follow-up emails and newsletter to your prospects through this software and iIt is extremely easy to set up because of the comprehensive guide provides for you for installing it on various devices and platforms.

Key Differences

A couple of places where HubSpot excels and lacks are customer support, price, and integration. This isn’t to say that doesn’t have pros as its lead generating and automation abilities are among the best.

HubSpot Tool Ratings

  • Price: 4/5
  • Features: 4.5/5
  • Customer Support: 5/5
  • Integration: 3.5/5
  • Overall: 4.5/5 Tool Ratings

  • Price: 3/5
  • Features: 3.5/5
  • Customer Support: 3/5
  • Integration: 3/5
  • Overall: 3.5/5


Both HubSpot and are pretty well-matched when it comes to features. However, HubSpot’s better price and customer support gives it an edge over

Choose HubSpot if you want efficient marketing tools to run your business. Entrepreneurs and small business owners will love this software because of how user-friendly it is.

Choose if lead conversion is the main resource through which your business earns money. Big businesses like car dealerships, hotels, and large franchises will benefit from this software the most.

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