An Honest Review of The Logitech G700s Gaming Mouse – How Does It Stack Up?

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This Logitech G700s Review will present you the best mouse on the market. The G700s is a wireless mouse that is designed with gamers in mind, although it can be used as a general mouse as well.

Logitech has built upon the success of their previous models, and as a result, the product features numerous design features that aim to maximize user comfort and usability, whilst also providing an enjoyable gaming experience.

Logitech G700s
  • Full-speed USB performance whether wireless or wired: Executes commands up to eight times faster than a standard USB mouse
  • 13 programmable controls: Perform simple commands or intricate macros with a single click of a button
  • Onboard memory: Store up to five ready-to-play profiles

Logitech G700s Review

An Ergonomic Design

Our Logitech G700s review will present you this products ups and downs. This mouse has been designed with the user in mind and boasts features that will allow gamers to play for hours without compromising on comfort or precision.

This is because the G700s has a natural curve in its design, which means that the mouse fits the user’s hand size and thereby ensures a more ergonomic user experience.

Additionally, there is a hydrophobic coating on the top-side of the mouse to ensure that players do not have to deal with a sweaty or sticky mouse after hours of use. It also boasts a textured material on its side, which helps to secure the user’s grip.

Logitech G700s Software & 13 Programmable Controls

The G700s offers 13 different programmable controls that can be found on the front and side of the mouse, including eight programmable G-keys.

Helpfully, these buttons are designed to be slightly angled, meaning that clicking one button should not accidentally trigger another.

Additionally, Logitech Gaming Software can be downloaded for free from Logitech. This software allows the user to assign different macro commands to each button and helps to make gaming experiences that much better.

Optional Wired Charging Cable

Although this peripheral works very well as a wireless mouse and doesn’t seem to suffer from any lag when compared to the performance of a more traditional wired mouse.

Logitech has nevertheless included a feature that allows you to transform the mouse into a wired mouse should you wish.

The wired cable integrates well into the mouse, and it is very easy to set up, meaning that users can chop and change between the wired and wireless configuration as they please.

Additionally, the wired cable doubles up as a charging cable, meaning that you can keep the rechargeable battery going for hours on end.

What Customers are Saying

The Logitech mouse is an extremely comfortable mouse. It feels as though attention has been paid to the needs of the user, and as a result, the mouse sits comfortably in your hand.

Additionally, the buttons are very well positioned, making this mouse very intuitive and easy to use overall.

Although the vast majority of customer reviews are positive, there have been some comments that the battery life of the mouse is not quite as long as you would expect, and only appears to last for a few hours before needing to be recharged.

However, this issue with battery life does not appear to have impacted all customers, and in any case, this issue could be mitigated by recharging the batteries regularly through the wired charging cable, or by using the mouse as a wired mouse on occasion.

As such, it goes without saying that the G700s is still a great mouse to buy.

Who Should Buy This Product?

The ideal person who would suit this product is a gamer who is looking for the next best mouse to improve both their gameplay as well as a gaming experience.

As the mouse is designed with longevity in mind, this means that gamers will be able to play their favorite games, from League of Legends to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, for hours on end, without having to worry about losing their grip on the mouse or suffering any lag in performance from using a wireless mouse.

Who Should NOT Buy This Product

As Logitech G700s mouse is only configured for users that are right-handed, anyone who is left-handed would do well to look elsewhere for a different mouse. This is because the mouse simply wouldn’t be as intuitive for left-handed individuals as it would otherwise be.

Additionally, although not a requirement, the mouse would also likely not suit any gamers whose computers use an operating system other than Windows, for example, Mac users.

This is because the Logitech Gaming Software, which can be downloaded to program macros into specific buttons, only appears to be Windows compatible.

As this is one of the major advantages of this mouse, anyone purchasing this product on a different operating system would likely miss out on the most this product has to offer.

Final Thoughts – Logitech G700s

Overall, the Logitech wireless gaming mouse is a great mouse for both gamers and regular computer users who are looking for a mouse that is still comfortable to use after hours at the computer.

For gamers, this mouse is particularly good, as it offers 13 different customizable buttons and allows gamers to play for long periods of time without having to compromise on grip quality or gameplay.

Finally, it can operate as both a wireless and wired mouse and does not show any signs of lag when used as a wireless mouse.

This means that the mouse gives gamers complete flexibility to choose whether to play with a wired or wireless mouse, which is a great feature to have in a gaming mouse.

I hope you like our Logitech G700s review and we hope we changed your mind about why this mouse is the best.