Marketo vs MailChimp
A Review & Comparison
[Updated 2019]




Who is this software for?

Choose Marketo if your business earns its revenues by pinpointing prospects and converting them into customers. Large-scale business owners, restaurants, showrooms and retailers will benefit greatly from the Marketo suite.
Choose MailChimp if you don’t have much experience with marketing automation. It has user-friendly features and affordable rates. New businesses, bloggers, and graphic designers will find MailChimp more than adequate for their needs.


  • Good selection of landing page templates
  • Powerful marketing tools
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Generous free trial available
  • Plenty of templates to choose from
  • A robust CRM & marketing tool


  • Not suitable as a CRM
  • A/B testing not as powerful as some other tools


500 Contacts


1k Contacts


2.5k Contacts


10k Contacts


25k Contacts


100k Contacts


Full Feature Pricing


Refund Period

30 Days

Free Trial/Demo



Minimum Contract

12 months


Lead Scoring



Lead Segmentation



Web Activity Tracking



SMS Marketing



Personalized Web Content



Predictive Analytics



Bi-Directional CRM Syncing



Event Management



Create Invoices


Create Quotes


A/B Split Testing



Form Builder



Landing Page Builder



Create Membership Websites



Bulk Social Media Posting



Sales Reporting



Sales Alerts



Mobile Application



Social CRM




WordPress Integration



Outlook Integration



Gmail Integration



SalesForce Integration



SAP Integration



Oracle Integration



NetSuite Integration



SugarCRM Integration



MicroSoft Dynamics Integration



Zapier Integration



Total # of Integrations


Company Info

HQ Location





Marketo vs MailChimp Summary


Marketo is a phenomenal automation software that thousands of companies use for collecting B2B leads. This software integrates well with CRM platforms like Salesforce and if your business is focused on digital marketing and collecting leads through it, Marketo is the perfect choice for your business.

It digitally manages and nurtures sales processes into a single hub, which makes lead qualification remarkably easy. You will see a good rise in your digital sales process after adopting Marketo for marketing automation. Businesses looking to improve their workflow functions often opt for Marketo because of its great automation features.

Seasoned marketers will find this software to be a godsend as it has all the necessary features to track and handle different marketing functions. One of Marketo’s biggest pros is its lead scoring system, it analyzes leads thoroughly before pursuing them, saving you tons of money and valuable time.

This software also has a nurturing program that gives you the power to nurture leads before qualifying them. With this software, you will get all the digital marketing results in a single place, you can view them on your laptop, pc tablet, or cell phone from an efficient and user-friendly dashboard.

Marketo is a premium business software and smaller businesses should look elsewhere for their automation needs. You should note that Marketo’s integration might be difficult for some people, especially if they are beginners and they might even require the help of someone with experience.


The key operation for some businesses is tracking email and advertisement campaigns and if you happen to run a business like this and require top-notch automation, choose Mailchimp.

With this software, you will be able to increase brand audiences tenfold. MailChimp gauges your prospect’s requirements and demands to give you a detailed analysis on how to convert them. You can even adjust your strategies with this feature, which is a great way to position your business for success.

Users also get first-rate templates with this software, which they can customize to their liking.  Developing professional emails to compel clients is easy with this option.

MailChimp’s third-party integration features is as good as any. Your company’s deliverability rates and productivity will rise tremendously because of it. The software also lets you send emails specific to a country’s time, which is a helpful feature to erase confusion when your customers are located in many continents.

Key Differences

These tools are handy in their own individual ways, however, they do share a lot of similarities. The one thing that makes them stand apart is their adaptability to businesses. Marketo only adapts well with small businesses while MailChimp is perfect for both small and large businesses.

MailChimp’s customer support is somewhat lacking according to some clients, however, that is not the case every time.

Marketo Tool Ratings

  • Price: 3/5
  • Features: 4/5
  • Customer Support: 4/5
  • Integration: 3.5/5
  • Overall: 3.5/5

MailChimp Tool Ratings

  • Price: 4/5
  • Features: 3/5
  • Customer Support: 3.5/5
  • Integration: 4/5
  • Overall: 4/5


Choose Marketo if you run a large-scale business that has a huge number of clients. Hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and retail services can generate great revenue with the help of Marketo.

Choose MailChimp if you don’t have much experience with marketing automation. It has user-friendly features and affordable rates, which are crucial for beginners. New people in business, bloggers, and graphic designers will find MailChimp adequate for their needs.