marketo review

[MUST READ] Marketo Review – Is It A Good Fit For Your Business In 2020

Marketing automation landscape has hundreds of software tools for you to choose from. Marketo is a tool that you will find businesses using commonly for managing their leads, email marketing, automation, analytics, etc. You’ll find Marketo to be a viable option for your business if you seek to spice up the technology aspect of your

activecampaign review

[MUST READ] ActiveCampaign Review – Is This The Best Marketing Automation Tool In 2020

ActiveCampaign is increasingly popular automation software that big and small businesses alike are adopting to automate their marketing processes. One of the best things about ActiveCampaign is how user-friendly it is, especially when you consider the complex marketing tasks it simplifies. ActiveCampaign had humble beginnings, and it first came into the forefront in 2003 in

hubspot review

[MUST READ] HubSpot Review – Does This Tool Live Up To The Hype?

The main goal of a marketing squad is to find quality leads and nurture them with relevant and personalized content.  They pass these high-quality leads to the sales teams. The sales teams turn them into happy and satisfied customers. Marketing automation software, in this regard, helps marketers accomplish this goal by scaling and automating the

drip review

[MUST READ] Drip Review – Is This The Right Tool For Your Business [Updated 2020]

Drip is one of the popular marketing automation software tools developed to help eCommerce businesses automate marketing engagement through its incomparable insight.  The company is based in California and cofounded by Rob Walling. It builds marketing automation software for B2C to help them target high-quality leads and personalize email marketing.  It executes automated campaigns across